Visiting Cuba

Knowing Cuba:

Connecting to Internet in Cuba:

The most suitable way to connect to Internet will be through WiFi hotspots throughout Cuba, most of them in major hotels, but also in public places. If you plan to use internet during your stay let us know and will guide you to the nearest place. Prices per card are 1.5 CUC per hour.



Cities main transportation is a local, regular bus service (0.05USD), but there are no timetables, long delays and no reliable. Cubans also use a taxi(share) or mini bus service that connects main municipalities (prices 0.25, 0.50, 1USD). You should pay attention to any properties carrying with you if use these services. Visitors mainly use local taxis, government or private and prices are negotiated every time.

For relative short distance in the Old Havana or Centro Habana, “bicitaxis” are an option. If you are planning a trip to Viñales or Varadero, or other cities: by bus visit or by local taxis we can recommend someone or point out the taxis stop in the corner (find it on the map).

Car rental: This is mainly run by the government, please go to havanautos website. Private cars are mainly old American or Russian cars no AC, many are not suitable for the long run. Sometimes is difficult to find a rental car if it is not booked before your trip.

What to do:

The best website for information bout cultural activities (theatre, dance, music) all over the country is “La papeleta”:

For baseball look at:


Cuban spanish is the official language. The use of english is mainly limited to touristic places, many cubans has a basic english knowledge, it is recommended to learn some basic spanish as well.

Currencies: There are two currencies in Cuba. Generally, you can use them interchangeably. Foreign currencies are exchanged to CUC (CUC) and CUC can be exchanged to Cuban pesos(CUP). The exchange rate as today is $1 USD = 1 CUC $1 USD = 25 CUP. You wont be able to use foreign currencies in government business but private business or services may accept them if in need for example in a trip from the airport to hotels. The 10% gravamen on USD has now been cancelled so exchanging USD to other currencies before arriving to Cuba is not longer needed.

There are specific places to exchange currencies called "CADECAS", there are some near the house we can point out to you.


There is plenty information about traveling to Cuba in the web, although many of them are not completely updated,

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