About Us

Aguiar #51 is a 4 floor story building located in Old Havana, at the magnificent intersection of Aguiar adn Peña Pobre in the hystorical center. Our place is the entire third floor and it consists of three bedrooms, a sitting room, a kitchen, a dining area, two bathrooms, a small patio, and four wide balconies, each of them providing added luminosity and ventilation to the house. The floor is built with an art noveau republican mosaic style. The two columns at the entrance to the living room reach up to the ceiling, which is built with white plaster and dressed with a fresco decor.


This building is protected by the Historian’s Office of Old Havana. You will have easy access to the Old City Center and astonishing views of Havana Bay and the emblematic Morro de la Habana on the north.  It is also surrounded by the indubitable Old Havana to give our guests a taste of both the past and the new Cuba.